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  • Air Pody 2 Pro původní AirPods originální bezdrátová sluchátka stereo Bluetooth headset iOS AirPods
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Air Pody 2 Pro původní AirPods originální bezdrátová sluchátka stereo Bluetooth headset iOS AirPods

2 275.39 Kč

1 137.81 Kč

Hodnocení | Napsat recenzi

  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Styl: In-Ear
  • Aktivní Hluk-Zrušení: No
Toma Vasileva
Hello! Headphones can hardly be distinguished from real air pods pro. Sound decent. Of course, all these noise reduction chips do not work. But the most important thing is that you can not talk in them. At the other end, a man just won't understand you. The sound will be like you're talking on a tin can. Headphones will be suitable only to listen to music in them. Do not count for more. I like it externally. Animation when connected to the phone works. To the makbuku connects very tight. Through Time.
Rafi The Rev
The lid is in an open position with an unpleasant backlash, it seems to fall off. The quality of materials/assemblies is significantly different from the original. They sound like a triple, there are no bottoms at all. 4 K Rub. Clearly overstated price for these headphones.
Headphones do not fully correspond to the description!!! Noise reduction does not work, the seller first time did not send the goods, and the second time the parcel was 14 days. I do not advise anyone to take a very bad copy!!!!!!
Headphones Super! Even if it is not the original, they are no different from the original. Performed very high quality and the sound is chic. Defined as original, but the warranty is not valid. On the photo to the left is a box from the headphones from the branded store, to the right of the bought here, there is almost no difference. Slightly different inscriptions, as new headphones with the possibility of wireless charging, in the Old this function is not.
Goods top and seller!!!!! Sent very fast. Do not distinguish from the original. I advise everyone.

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