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  • Tooyful 8 Tónů C Major Diatonic Scale Set Bicí Nástroje, Trubky, Děti, Hudební Hračky, Vánoční Dárek
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Tooyful 8 Tónů C Major Diatonic Scale Set Bicí Nástroje, Trubky, Děti, Hudební Hračky, Vánoční Dárek

768.05 Kč

407.15 Kč

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- 1 Balení 8-Poznámky Bicí Nástroje Trubky C Major Diatonic Scale Set

- Setludes všech 8 hřišť z C', C" na diatonické stupnice

- Stylový a inovativní design, upoutat pozornost dětí

- Ideální pro děti, dítě, batole - hudební hračky, dárkové a učební materiál

- Rozvíjet dětskou hudebnost, umění a inteligence

- Materiál: Plast

Velikost Grafu:

C' Lx D: 62 x 4.3 cm/24.4 x 1.69 inch

D Lx D: 55.4 x 4.3 cm/21.81 x 1.69 inch

E Lx D: 48.4 x 4.3 cm/19.05 x 1.69 inch

F Lx D: 45.6 x 4.3 cm/17.95 x 1.69 inch

G Lx D: 40 x 4.3 cm/15.74 x 1.69 inch

Lx, D: 36 x 4.3 cm/14.17 x 1.69 inch

B Lx D: 31,6 x 4.3 cm/12.44 x 1.69 inch

C\" Lx D: 30,5 x 4.3 cm/12 x 1.69 inch

Balíček Zahrnuje:

1 Balení C Major Diatonic Scale Trubky

  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Značka: Tooyful
  • Číslo Modelu: C Major Diatonic Scale Trubky
Ivleva Lip
Nice pipes! I will use in my work
Selivanova Viktor
I'm very unhappy with the product. The colors are not matched in two of the tubes. This causes confusion in my students. I ordered the same product two months ago because I wanted them to be the same and now they're not the same. I have written two messages to the seller and I have been waiting for you to reply to me since 30 December 2020. How could I stir the product? I have to put up with it and keep it not being the same as the picture that shows the product? Because the new one is the one on the left and does not match the one on the photo (the one on the photo is the same one they sent me two months ago)
Essam Spanish
Good condition, quality and correct price. He arrived in the Canary Islands in approximately 15 days. The names of the notes are stickers. Well tuned though the plastic is flimsy.
Cheers all came, everything is whole. To a bit deformed but the sound and does not affect as previously written

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